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COTTON-PROCESSING PLANTS, occupational health. X. h. — the productions intended for receiving fiber from cotton raw. Cotton fiber is a basis for receiving cottons, seeds of cotton are used in production of food and technical oils.

The major harmful production factors on X. h. are dust (see), an adverse microclimate (see), especially in cold season, and on nek-ry sites — noise (see).

Concentration of dust in various workshops X. h. fluctuates in considerable limits and in the absence of technical measures for fight against dust can exceed tolerance levels (maximum allowable concentration — 2 mg/m3). Dust is contaminated by microorganisms and pesticides, contains free silicon dioxide. X. h. are located in southern latitudes in this connection at the enterprises which are not equipped with installations for heating and cooling of an induced air, temperature in work rooms can often not differ from temperature of fresh air, exceeding tolerance levels in summertime and considerably decreasing in winter time.

Features of working conditions on X. h. in many respects define incidence of working: diseases of a respiratory organs meet more often (hron. bronchitis), went. - kish. path (gastritises, peptic ulcer of a stomach and duodenum), nervous system (asthenic syndrome, vegeto-vascular disturbances, dysfunction of a nervous system).

Working conditions on X. h. constantly improve thanks to implementation of the new equipment, automation and mechanization of productions.

Preventive actions are directed to fight against dust, pollution of raw materials by soil and mineral dust, noise, normalization of a microclimate. The most effective measures are improvement tekhnol. processes, sealing of the equipment, careful purification of the air which is sucked away from the equipment, timely cleaning and repair of clearing devices and the equipment, improvement of ventilation (see), wet cleaning of the rooms, providing working with individual protection equipment (see Clothes special, Respirators), heating of an induced air in winter time and its cooling in summer. Performing preliminary and periodic medical examinations is important (see. Medical examination).

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