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CORY Karl (Cori Carl Ferdinand, sort. in 1896) — the American biochemist, professor (1931), the Nobel Prize laureate (1947).


Having ended Prague un-t in 1920, Levi in Graz worked as the assistant in in-those. In 1922 K. Cory moved to the USA and worked in Ying-those malignant new growths in Buffalo; in 1931 — 1966 the prof. of pharmacology and biochemistry at the Higher medical school consisted at Washington un-those in St. Louis; since 1966 works in laboratory of enzimologichesky researches of Massachusetssky hospital in Cambridge. The main works of K. Cory are devoted to studying of ways of carbohydrate metabolism at animals.

He established that formed at reduction of muscles of a glycogen milk to - that collects and at hard work passes into blood and further into a liver where it is partially used in synthesis of a glycogen; the glycogen is split by enzymes of a liver to glucose, edges comes to blood and further is used in muscles and other bodies in resynthesis of a glycogen. This way of carbohydrates in bodies of animals and the person providing the optimum content of glucose in blood received the name of a cycle of Cory. During the studying of process of a phosphorolysis of a glycogen of K. Cory opened and emitted the glyukozo-1-phosphate called Cory's ether. He discovered in tissues of animals enzyme the phosphoglucomutase catalyzing reversible transformation of glyukozo-1-phosphate into glyukozo-6-phosphate and studied some properties of this enzyme. Phosphorylase was emitted to them from muscles, interconversions of phosphorylases an and b are studied; phosphorylase, phosphoglucomutase, a dehydrogenase of a glitseraldegidfosfat and zymohexase from muscles are received in a crystal look; the hexokinase from yeast is allocated in the cleared state. K. Cory separated from insulin and allocated in the cleared look glucagon (see) from a mucous membrane of a stomach of a dog. Its latest works are devoted to questions of studying of some features of mikrosomny glyukozo-6-phosphatase of a liver of a rat and a research of interaction of hormonal receptors and adenilattsiklazny system.

K. Cory is a member of National academy of the USA and English royal about-va, has many honourable scientific degrees and a rank, repeatedly got awards various scientific about - century. Executed the majority of works of K. Cory together with G. Cory's spouse. In 1947 for works on studying of exchange of a glycogen of the spouse of Cory were conferred the Nobel Prize.

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Bibliography: Houssay B. A. Carl F and Gerty Cori, Biochim, biophys. Acta (Amst.), v. 20, p. 11, 1956.

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