CORY Gerti

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CORY Gerti (Cori Gerty Theresa, 1896 — 1957) — the American biochemist, professor (1931), the Nobel Prize laureate (1947).


Having ended medical f-t Prague un-that (1920), moved to the USA (1922) where she worked together with the husband K. Cory in Ying-those malignant new growths of Buffalo, and then was a prof. of department of biochemistry at the Higher medical school at Washington un-those in St. Louis (1931 — 1957).

G. Cory's works were devoted to exchange of a glycogen in an organism of animals and the person. She investigated structure of a glycogen normal and at patol, conditions of an organism, the mechanism of enzymatic synthesis and disintegration of this polysaccharide, influence of various hormones on these processes. By means of high cleaning enzymes from tissues of animals it for the first time carried out synthesis of a glycogen of in vitro. G. Cory's works devoted to the glycogenoses, hereditary diseases caused by disturbances in exchange of a glycogen have theoretical and practical interest. It managed to reveal the euzymatic defect which is the reason of a glycogenosis of the III type — Cory's disease (see. Glycogenoses ). Classification of glycogenoses is for the first time offered G. Cory, the euzymatic defects of different type leading to accumulation of a glycogen in fabrics are the basis a cut. This classification kept the value and is a basis of diagnosis of glycogenoses. G. Cory was a member of National academy of the USA, the member of many scientific about-in, the owner of many scientific degrees and ranks.

Works: Glycogen structure and enzyme deficiencies in glycogen storage disease, Harvey Lect., v. 48, p. 145, 1953; Biochemical aspects of glycogen deposition disease, Mod. Probl. Padiat., v. 3, p. 344, 1958.

Bibliography: Houssay B. A. Carl F. and Gerty Cori, Biochim, biophys. Acta (Amst.), v. 20, p. 11, 1956; Y o u n g F. G. Dr Gerty T. Cori, Nature (Lond.), v. 180, p. 1094, 1957.

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