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CORVALOL (Corvalolum, joint venture. B) — sedative and antispasmodic; the combined drug containing 2% of ethyl ether alpha bromizovalerianovoy to - you, 1,82% of phenobarbital, apprx. 0,3% of caustic soda (for transfer of phenobarbital in soluble phenobarbital-sodium), 0,14% of oil of a peppermint, mix of 96% of alcohol and to 100% of a distilled water.

Colorless transparent liquid with a specific fragrant smell of ethyl ether alpha bromizovalerianovoy to - you. The medicinal substances which are a part To., hl possess. obr. sedative, spasmolytic and vasodilating properties.

Apply To. at the neurosises which are followed by an acrimony, at sleep disorders, unsharply expressed spasms of coronary vessels, tachycardia, in early stages of an idiopathic hypertensia, and also at enterospasms.

Appoint inside on 15 — 30 drops 2 — 3 times a day; at tachycardia and vasospasms the dose can be increased to 40 — 45 drops.

To. it is well transferred; by-effects even at prolonged use of drug usually are not noted. In some cases in the afternoon drowsiness and slight dizziness can be observed; these phenomena pass at reduction of a dose.

Form of release: on 15 ml in bottles of orange glass. Store in the cool place protected from light.

Similar To. on structure and pharmakoterapevtichesky properties drugs valocordin (Valocordin) which is released to GDR, and Milocordinum (Milocordin) which is released in the Party of Russian Taxpayers are.

V. V. Churyukanov.