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CORTINUM — the drug containing hormones of cortical substance of adrenal glands, generally mineralokortikoida. Represents extract of adrenal glands of cattle or pigs.

Activity of drugs K. is defined biol, method on its ability to lose the weight of a thymus of infantile rats by comparison to Prednisolonum used as a standard; 1 ml shall contain 10 PIECES. Drug has no constant hormonal structure and therefore it pharmakol. activity is various. To. sometimes apply at an easy form of a hypocorticoidism, asthenic states, a hypotonic syndrome with an adynamy; is issued in ampoules on 1 ml for hypodermic and intramuscular introduction.

In to lay down. the purposes it is more preferable to use other drugs of hormones of cortical substance of adrenal glands — cortexone acetate, analogs of a hydrocortisone, etc. depending on indications (see. Hydrocortisone , Cortexone ).

Bibliography: The drugs used in endocrinology under the editorship of H. T. Starkova, page 80, M., 1969.

V. I. Maximov.