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CORDIAMINUM (Cordiaminum, synonym: Anacardon, Cardiamidum, Coramin, Cormed, Corvitol, Nicethamidum, Nikethamide, Tonocard; GFH, joint venture. B) — analeptical means. 25% solution of diethyl amide nicotinic to - you, C 10 H 14 N 2 O:


Colourless or yellowish color liquid with a peculiar smell. Mixes up in all ratios with water and alcohol.

To. stimulates breath and blood circulation. Under influence To. in the beginning the respiratory, and then vasomotor center of a myelencephalon is excited. On character pharmakol. actions To. it is close to to Corazolum (see). However unlike the last, stimulates breath not only due to direct action on a respiratory center, but also a reflex way, exciting chemoceptors of a sinocarotid zone. In high doses increases excitability of a head and spinal cord, renders the «awakening» effect against the background of action narcotic and hypnagogues. On activity in this respect concedes to Corazolum. Besides, To. urezhat a rhythm of cordial reductions (apparently, due to excitement of the centers of vagus nerves) and reduces the period of isometric contraction of heart.

To. it is well soaked up in blood at different ways of introduction, collapses rather quickly and brought out of an organism by kidneys in the form of inactive metabolites. Duration of action To. after single parenteral administration apprx. 1,5 — 2 hour.

Apply To. at acute and hron, circulatory disturbances, at hypotension and weakening of breath at patients with infectious diseases, asphyxia of newborns, poisonings narcotic and hypnagogues, and also at the oppression of functions of cardiovascular system arising during operative measures and in the postoperative period.

Drug appoint parenterally and inside. Subcutaneously and intramusculary To. appoint the adult 1 — 2 ml 2 — 3 times a day, to children — subcutaneously on 0,1 — 0,75 ml (depending on age). In a vein To. enter slowly; the adult in a dose of 1 — 2 ml. At poisonings narcotic and hypnagogues the dose is increased to 3 — 5 ml. Inside To. appoint the adult 30 — 40 drops to reception 2 — 3 times a day, to children on one reception — quantity of drops by number of years.

The highest doses for adults inside: one-time 2 ml (60 drops), daily 6 ml (180 drops); subcutaneously: one-time 2 ml, daily 6 ml. The highest single dose at poisoning narcotic and hypnagogues for adults under skin and in a vein of 5 ml.

At overdose To. there are spasms which are stopped by drugs. Subcutaneous and intramuscular injections of drug are painful.

Forms of release: for intake — bottles on 10 and 30 ml; for injections — ampoules on 1 and 2 ml. Drug for use inside is kept in bottles of orange glass, an ampoule — in the place protected from light.

See also Analeptical means .

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