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COOPER Estli (Cooper Astley Paston, 1768 — 1841) — the English surgeon and the anatomist, professor (1793), the vice-president of the London royal society (1830).


Got medical education in the London hospital of St. Foma; D. Gunter and Cline's pupil (E. Cline). Since 1789 was a demonstrator of anatomy, and since 1791 gave lectures on anatomy and surgery in the same hospital. In 1792 in Paris listened to P. J. Desault and F. Chopart's lectures on surgery. Since 1793 the prof. of anatomy on courses of surgeons in Sardzhen-Hall, and since 1800 hl. the surgeon in Guy’s Hospital in London; at the same time the prof. of a comparative anatomy in Royal surgical college (1813-1816).

The scientific works of E. Cooper devoted to hernias, diseases of a thymus, testicles and a thorax are based on careful studying of anatomy. It the first made bandaging of a carotid artery (1805), and in 1818 published the message on attempt to tie up a ventral aorta. E. Cooper wrote the book about fractures and dislocations (1822), made the eurysynusic guide to surgery (1836) and published work on anatomy of a thorax. He developed also questions of field surgery; brought up big school of surgeons.

E. Cooper offered a number of original surgical instruments (semicircular scissors of Cooper, etc.).

E. Cooper's works were highly appreciated by N. I. Pirogov.

Works: The anatomy and surgical treatment of crural and umbilical hernia, L., 1807; Surgical essays, v. 1—2, L., 1818, 1819 (sovm, with Travers B.); A treatise on dislocations and on fractures of the joints, L., 1824, 1851; Lectures on the principles and practice of surgery as delivered in the theater of St. Thomas’s Hospital, L., 1832, 1839; On the anatomy of the breast, L., 1840.

Bibliography: Biographisches Lexikon tier Hervorragenden Arzte, hrsg. v. A. Hirsch u. a., Bd 2, S. 97, B. — Wien, 1930; Mac With o r m and with W. Sir Astley Cooper and his surgical work, L., 1894.

P.E. Zabludowsky.