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CON Ferdinand (Cohn Ferdinand, 1828 — 1898) — the German botanist and the microbiologist. Since 1859 was professor Wroclaw un-that on department of botany.

GAME Ferdinand

F. Kohn established the vegetable nature of bacteria, for the first time accurately separated bacteria from protozoa and divided all bacteria into four groups.

It possesses researches on ontogenesis of the lowest seaweed, on morphology, reproduction and a systematics of bacteria. In 1875 F. Kohn described bacterial spores you. subtilis, studied their education and germination and proved their thermal stability. He was a supporter of a monomorphism, supported L. Pasteur in his historical dispute with F. A. Pouchet and H. Ch. Bastian on spontaneous self-generation. He was the first who noticed R. Koch's talent, and his support played an important role lives of the great microbiologist.

Two-volume work F is widely known. Kohn «Plant».

Works: Beitrage zur Biologie der Pflanzen, Bd 1 — 3, Breslau, 1870 — 1879 (Hrsg.); Licht und Leben, B., 1872; tiber Bakterien die kleinsten lebenden Wesen, B., 1872.

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