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CONVALLOTOXINUM (Convallatoxinum; synonym: Convallaton, Convallopan, Convapur, Convalpur; GFH, joint venture. A) — cardiac glycoside. Contains in leaves and flowers of a lily of the valley May (Convallaria majalis L.) and its versions — a lily of the valley Caucasian and a lily of the valley Far East (see. Lily of the valley ). Strophanthidin - 3-L - ramnozid; With 29 H 42 O 10  :


On a chemical structure To. it is close to strophanthin K (see. Strofantin ) and like it contains strophanthidin in quality of an aglikon, differs from strophanthin in a structure of the sugar rest, to-rogo contains l-rhamnose in quality.

White crystal powder. Let's dissolve in 95% alcohol and acetone, we will difficult dissolve in water, chloroform and ethyl acetate; t ° pl 212 — 218 (without preliminary drying). Biological activity of 1 g of drug makes 63 300 — 80 000 ICE, 9520 — 11 760 KED, or 5811 — 7247 GED.

To. has cardiotonic properties, typical for cardiac glycosides. Effect To. it is shown in 5 — 10 min. after intravenous administration and reaches a maximum in 1 — 2 hour. Duration of effect of drug apprx. 20 — 22 hour. A quota of elimination apprx. 50% of the maximum therapeutic dose; ability to cumulation is insignificant. Like strophanthin K. it is ineffective at hypodermic introduction and is almost inefficient at intake.

Apply To. at an acute heart failure and at severe forms hron, insufficiency, especially at inefficiency of treatment of these forms drugs of a foxglove.

The drug is administered intravenously slowly (within 5 — 6 min.) on 0,5 — 1 ml of 0,03% of solution in 10 — 20 ml of 20% of solution of glucose or isotonic solution of sodium chloride. Repeated introductions make not less than 10 — 12 hours with intervals, without exceeding a daily dose.

The highest doses for adults in a vein: one-time 0,0003 g (1 ml of 0,03% of solution), daily 0,0006 g (2 ml of 0,03% of solution).

At overdose To. premature ventricular contraction, a bigeminal pulse, dissociation of a rhythm is observed. Also nausea and vomiting are possible. Noted phenomena usually disappear after reduction of a dose or lengthening of an interval between administrations of drug.

To. it is contraindicated at intoxication cardiac glycosides and at disturbances of conductivity of a myocardium. After cancellation of drugs of a foxglove To. appoint not earlier than in 2 — 3 days.

Form of release: ampoules on 1 ml of 0,03% of solution. Keep in the place protected from light.

See also Cardiac glycosides .

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