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CONSULTATION (Latin. consultatio; from consultare to confer, solve, to care) — treatment and prevention facility in the USSR, in Krom the qualified medical care was provided to mothers and children. There were three types K. — the nursery rendering preventive and to lay down. the help to children from the birth up to 3 years; women's (see. Clinic for women ) and mixed — for rendering preventive and to lay down. help to children and women. Women's and mixed To. were widespread in rural areas.

A prototype To. there was an establishment known under the name «Drop of Milk». It was organized in 1901 in St. Petersburg «Russian about-vom protection of national health» and was financed charities. Over time in this establishment in addition to delivery of milk with women began to lead discussions and medical consultations concerning feeding and care of children. «The drop of milk» became the first center of distribution of data for care of the child, school for mothers.

After Great October socialist revolution due to the need of holding broad actions for fight against child mortality, to a raising of level a dignity. cultures of the population, to training of mothers in leaving and feeding of children in 1918 39 K was created., and by their 1940 there was 5341.

At different stages of development of the Soviet health care of a form of work To. changed. The main objective of the first To. there was a carrying out a dignity. - a gleam. and scheduled maintenance on health protection of the child. Further nurseries To. began to render to children to lay down. and disease-prevention service. The local principle was the basis for their work (see. Medical site ). Work on rendering to lay down. and to a disease-prevention service to children it was directed to decrease in incidence and mortality of children of early age, their protection from infectious diseases by carrying out preventive inoculations, systematic training of parents in questions of hygiene and education of small children. An important element of work To. was patronage (see).

After 1948 there was an association of nurseries To. with children's out-patient clinics in children's policlinics (see) which assumed functions of nurseries To. on overseeing by children of early age.

Since 1975 the institutions rendering to lay down. - professional, the help to children, are city (district, regional, regional, republican) the nursery-tsa, integrated with policlinic (see. Children's hospital ), and independent city policlinic.

L. K. Skornyakova.