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CONNOLLY John (Conolly John, 1794 — 1866) — the English psychiatrist, professor (1828).


After the termination Edinburgh un-that and defenses of a thesis on degree of the doctor of medicine on a subject about a condition of consciousness at insanity and melancholy (1821) several years was the practicing doctor. Since 1828 professor of applied medicine London un-that which he left in 3 years after unsuccessful efforts about creation of special department on psychiatry.

Worked within several years in the different cities, and in 1839 would receive the place of the doctor in psychiatric in Henuelle where his activity was developed. D. Connolly would support elimination in psychiatric died mechanical constraint of patients (strait jackets, attachment to beds, chairs and so forth). Set of the measures which were carried out by it received the name of system of not constraint. Around it in England, and then and in other countries there was a brisk discussion, and gradually this system was generally recognized. The main work of D. Connolly about treatment mentally sick without mechanical constraint of their (1859) was included into fund of the most valuable works for psychiatry.

Use of its system demanded humane treatment of personnel of patients, the creations of the conditions stopping further degradation of patients and favoring to development of the remained mental capacities. However it cancelled only measures of mechanical constraint and kept so-called insulators — small chambers without furniture in which patients were locked.

Works: De statu mentis in insania et melancholia, Edinburgi, 1821; The treatment of the insane without mechanical restraints, L., 1856.

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