KONDITERSKOE PRODUCTION, hygienic requirements

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CONFECTIONERY PRODUCTION — the enterprises developing different types of confectionery. Modern enterprises K. items are subdivided on universal and specialized.

Quality of raw materials in To. the item has special value. From perishable goods of special attention and control demand eggs and egg products. Eggs after check by means of an ovoskop are exposed to careful processing: are washed out by water in three bathtubs. Add solution of ammoniac silver salt in cultivation to the second bathtub 1: 20 000 at the rate of 2 ml on 1 l of water. Disinfection of eggs can be made in 2% the clarified solution of lime chloride. During the use of melange it is defrozen, placing cans in a bathtub with water t ° 40 — 50 °. After opening of cans the defrozen egg weight is filtered through a sieve.

V K. items are used food dyes (see) and others nutritional supplements (see). All of them shall conform to the standard and be applied in the established dosage. In ensuring correctness of use of nutritional supplements the main responsibility lays down on dosing and prescription departments of workshops.

The main requirement to tekhnol. to process on To. the item, as well as on other food productions, is a high level a dignity. improvements of jobs and enterprise in general, automation and mechanization, decrease in specific weight of manual operations and observance strict dignity. mode.

Important dignity. strict observance of the mode of thermal treatment matters confectionery (see).

In modern To. the item is provided wide use of refrigerating tanks. Necessary refrigerating capacity is defined at the rate of 100 m 3 on 1 t of the developed perishable products. Storage is made at a temperature not over 6 ° and air humidities are not higher than 75%. At the enterprises K. air conditioning and receipt of a cleaned air with a set-point temperature and humidity in some work rooms shall be provided to the item (on production of creams, finishing of finished products, etc.).

To. the item has the following of professional harm: high temperature in workshops of heat treatment; considerable dust content of air sugar and flour dust; influence of ethers and to - t, and also the increased air humidity. Operational injuries are connected with thermal and mechanical injuries at manual carrying of hot caramel weight and other operations. Great value in providing necessary a dignity. conditions, prevention of traumatism has wide use of the automated product lines on production of sugar and flour products, heat insulation of furnaces and coppers, the maximum sealing of a number of operations, creation of air curtains and the equipment of positive-pressure ventilation.

All modern projects of the enterprises K. items provide strict observance of the principle of threading excluding counterflows of finished goods and raw materials. The attention to the correct organization of the movement of workers in the enterprise, creation of system of the sanitary and household rooms allowing to provide required purity of hands and special clothes of workers is paid. Wardrobe and shower on To. the item is recommended to be arranged on type sanitary inspection room (see).

For the prevention of developing of the staphylococcal intoxications connected with the use of the infected cream confectionery on To. the item control of the state of health of workers is especially strictly exercised. At identification of the workers having pustulous damages of skin (furuncles, a pyoderma, etc.), they are discharged of work in the workshop to an absolute recovery. The faces sore with Qatar of upper respiratory tracts are discharged of direct participation in work with confectionery.

At the enterprises K. the item is provided constant medical service of workers (medical examination at employment, periodic medical examinations, holding preventive actions, rendering to lay down. help).

On To. the item depending on quantity working is provided a medical assistant's or medical health center. At all health centers there has to be a dental surgery.

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