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SHYSHKA Karol (Siska Karol, sort. in 1906) — the Czechoslovak surgeon, the organizer of health care, the academician. Czechoslovak academy of Sciences (1965), academician. Slovak academy of Sciences (1956), foreign member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1969) and Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1971). The member of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia since 1945, the participant of the Slovak national revolt in 1944.

In 1932 ended medical f-t of Karlov un-that in Prague, then specialized on surgery and worked in one of the Prague hospitals. Since 1945 the intern, and since 1950 the manager. surgical clinic of medical faculty of Un-ta to them. Ya. Co-mensky in Bratislava. Along with 1955 Ying volume of experimental surgery of the Slovak academy of Sciences in Bratislava directs.

K. Shishka is the author of the St. 200 scientific works devoted to problems of experimental and clinical surgery. Its works on physiology, pathology, a heart surgery, the vessels, easy, on transplantology are known, to history of medicine, etc. It made an essential contribution to experimental development and deployment to a wedge, practice of methods of artificial circulation.

To. The cone was the president of the Slovak academy of Sciences, the member of presidium and the vice-president of Czechoslovak academy of Sciences, the member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Slovakia and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. He is the deputy of the Slovak national council. K. Shishka is the member of a row Czechoslovak and international scientific medical about - century.

It is awarded by awards and hmedalyam of ChSSR.

Works: Operations of a mitral stenosis using artificial circulation, Surgery, No. 4, page 3, 1962 (sovm. with other); Experience of operations using the device of extracorporal blood circulation, in the same place, No. 9, page 18 (sovm. with other); Einfluss von Persantin auf das Vermehrt druckbela-stete Hundeherz, Z. Kreisl. - Forsch., Bd 57, S. 119, 1968 (sovm. with other); Aktualne of ot£zky transplantacie, Bratisl. lek. Listy, sv. 69, s. 3, 1978.

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