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CONDOM (Latin. praeservare to protect; synonym condom) — means for mechanical protection at the sexual intercourse from pregnancy and from infection with venereal diseases. The item remains almost main means of prevention of pregnancy.

P.'s prototype was the linen sack offered G. Fallopiyem impregnated with mix of various substances. From 17 century gained P.'s distribution, prepared from a caecum of eanling. Modern P. represents a cylindrical form a sack from thin (from 8 to 10 microns) rubbers.

In order to avoid P.'s rupture it is put on previously greased or moistened penis; P.'s tip leave free, and from above grease with ointment. At good mutual adaptation of partners of P., put on prior to sexual intercourse, does not cause negative reactions. The item can increase duration sexual intercourse (see). There is a point of view that a negative side of systematic use of P. is the exception of favorable action sperms (see) on a female body.

See also Contraceptives .

Yu. A. Reshetnyak.