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COMPUTER CENTER (CC) — establishment (division) intended for the automated information processing. Information processing is carried out on the COMPUTERS installed in VTs (see. Electronic computer). VTs can be the independent establishment working at self-financing or to be division of any organization: ministries, plant, hospital, warehouse etc. Kind of work of these organizations, and also tasks solved in them entirely define a type of information, coming to VTs on processing.

Modern cars — difficult electronic and electromechanical devices, as a rule, demand for normal functioning of creation of certain conditions of temperature, humidity, level of dust content etc. So, e.g., the overheat has an adverse effect on operation of transistors, small relative humidity promotes emergence of electrostatic electricity, high — changes coefficient of friction of tape drive devices. Therefore in a machine house where COMPUTERS, and indoors for storage of magnetic tapes and other machine carriers (replaceable disks, cartridges, etc.) are installed a certain temperature, humidity and level of dust content shall be maintained, to be provided repeated exchange of air and a nek-swarm excessive pressure (for fight against dust content). Walls, floor, ceiling of a machine house shall be made (are painted) of pyleneobrazuyushchy materials taking into account fire safety. Sootvetstvenna of the requirement to clothes of personnel. Cleaning of the room shall be made by the vacuum cleaner. At illumination of a machine house it is necessary to pay special attention to illumination of console texts. Connection of devices, COMPUTERS component parts among themselves, is carried out by wire telecommunication. Wires are located under the hollow floor laid at the height of 20 — 25 cm over a usual floor. It is floored from square, easily dischargeable tiles. Quite often the ceiling in a machine house becomes hinged and the eyeliner of air from the conditioner is carried out between two ceilings. It is reasonable to revet walls of VTs with sound-absorbing plates with fire-prevention impregnation. Walls of the room where the equipment of preparation of data is installed, it is reasonable to revet with sound-absorbing materials also.

Specific conditions of a microclimate of rooms of VTs (indicators of temperature, humidity, level of dust content) are defined by type of the installed COMPUTERS. Small cars, e.g., can work in usual rooms.

The organization of work and structure of VTs shall correspond to a flow of information arriving on processing.

The following functional groups of specialists (departments) are provided in VTs: group (department) of reception and verification of information; group (department) of preparation of data — transfer of information on machine carriers; the group of operation providing technical operation of the equipment; the group of software (including group of operators) providing operability of standard software, its updating, consultations on programming, control of passing of tasks and distribution of results; the group of systems analysis providing development (together with the programmer) tasks for their decision on the COMPUTER or communication of VTs with the developers working in the external organizations; group of data storage on machine carriers; administration and group of scheduling.

Modern COMPUTERS allow to carry out connection directly to sources of information — to sensors. And the sensors electrically connected to the COMPUTER can be from the COMPUTER at considerable distance. In this case the special division for service of sensors and the communication line will be organized. The last is of special interest in to lay down. institutions where sensors can be connected with patients or remote panels of information input (terminals) are installed in offices of doctors.

The sizes of modern medical institutions and the number of the various information circulating in them and demanding storage and processing define expediency of the COMPUTER installation (VTs organization) in separate institutions. In some cases there is reasonable an organization of the sectional VTs connected by communication lines with separate medical institutions. The choice of nature of operation of the COMPUTER is caused by technical capabilities (existence of the COMPUTER, qualified personnel) and bulk volumes of information which is subject to processing.

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