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COMPRESS (fr. compresse) — a special medical multilayer bandage. Apply dry and wet To.

Dry compress represents wadded and gauze (quite often with wax paper) the warming bandage applied to warming of certain sites or to protection against cold of open parts of a body (e.g., in an outside ear, front departments of a skull, a neck, etc.).

Wet cold compress in the form of the piece of a soft tissue put in several layers moistened with a cold water apply to cooling of the small site of a body surface. Every 2 — 3 min. To. it is necessary to change since its moisture quickly gets body temperature, and action To. becomes warming. It considerably reduces efficiency and limits the sphere to lay down. uses To., therefore use of a bubble with ice is preferable to local cooling.

The wet warming compress apply as the distracting and resorptional means. As a result of local warming and reflex influences there comes the active hyperemia of fabrics, about a cut K. Naznachayut's action at local inflammatory processes (phlebitis, hypodermic infiltrate, lymphadenitis, etc.) is connected, at the residual phenomena of injuries, diseases of joints and circumarticular fabrics, and also at spasms of sphincters of abdominal organs.

The multilayer piece of a soft tissue which is a little exceeding a body part which assume to influence To on the area., moisten with water, wring out and impose on skin, and then cover with a layer of an oilcloth, a polyethylene film or the wax (waxed) paper and a heat-insulating layer of cotton wool (batting, a flannel), sufficient for warming. Each subsequent coat shall exceed previous on the area to avoid premature evaporation of moisture. All three layers To. are fixed to a body by the bandage which is not interfering blood circulation. To change To. follows in 6 — 8 hours, wiping with solution of alcohol and drying a towel skin in order to avoid its maceration. At noticeable irritation of skin it is necessary to refrain from further use of K. Protivopokazaniyami for imposing warming To. disturbances of an integrity of skin, dermatitis, a pyoderma, a furunculosis serve.

In treatment of inflammatory infiltrates of soft tissues quite often apply semi-spirit warming To. (to water add salicyl or camphoric alcohol). Apply to warming of big surfaces oil To. (e.g., warming To. on all surface of a front abdominal wall). For it To. use vegetable oil. A kind of it To. is oily-balsamic bandage (see), imposed on an extremity concerning thrombophlebitis.

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I. N. Rybkin.