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COMPOUNDING (Latin receptum received) — the section of pharmaceutical science on rules of invoicing of recipes and production of dosage forms. Distinguish the general and private compounding.

In the general R. rules of execution of prescription forms and writing of recipes are considered (see. Recipe ), and also rules of production, storage and issue of various dosage forms (see).

In private R. the principles of invoicing of pharmaceuticals at certain diseases are stated and patol. states. At the same time special attention is paid to the choice of the most rational dosage forms and ways of their introduction to an organism, and also questions of compatibility of medicinal substances and their firmness at storage.

In medical in-ta the general and private R. enter a course of pharmacology.

Rules of invoicing to lay down. - the prof. of the means used in vt. to practice, treat veterinary R., regions it is founded on the same principles, as medical.

Main guides and manuals to a compounding: «Pharmaceuticals» of M. D. Mashkovsky (1977), «A formulary of the doctor» under the editorship of I. S. Chekman (1981), «The general compounding» of D. A. Harkevi-cha, V. V. Maysky, V. K. Muratov (1982).

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D. A. Harkevich.