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COMPANY DEVICE (A. Roth, is mute. the doctor) — the device for artificial illumination of the tables applied for the purpose of definition of visual acuity. It is offered in 1897 by Roth.

River and. represents a wooden box, mirrors are inserted into sidewalls to-rogo, and on a back wall tables for a research are placed visual acuities (see). Mirrors reflect light from the lamp placed on a rack before tables and closed from investigated by the opaque screen. Owing to reflection of light of the table are lit evenly and rather strongly. The USSR uses the device modified by A. V. Roslavtsev. For illumination of tables in it use the 40 W electric filament lamp or fluorescent lamps. At the same time illumination of tables makes 600 — 800 lx.

Bibliography: Roslavtsev A. V. About a rational design of the device for illumination of tables for a research of visual acuity, Oftalm. zhurn., No. 3, page 159, 1952; Roth A. Ein neuer Sehproben-Beleuchtungs-Apparat, Klin. We. Augen-heilk., S. 281, 1897.

3. S. Popova.