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COMMISSION of IMPROVEMENT of WORK AND LIFE (KOTIB) - one of forms of public work in the field of health care which arose in our country soon after Great October socialist revolution. KOTIB were organized at various to lay down. - professional, institutions also set as the purpose involvement of workers to participation in improvement of working conditions and life, to fight against occupational diseases and traumatism, to control of activity to lay down. - professional, institutions and to rendering to them assistance in improvement of statement of work. The commissions were bodies of section of health care of local councils and worked under their direct management.

Heads were part KOTIB to lay down. - professional, institutions, health officers, members of section of health care of local councils, representatives of factory and local trade-union committees, representatives of inspectorates of work, insurance cash desks and health care.

The commissions resolved a number of medical and recreational questions — improvement of working conditions (the device of ventilation, additional lighting etc.), improvement of food of workers, took active part in drawing up plans of medical examination of the population, in a dignity. inspections of working conditions and life, developed actions for improvement of these conditions; the directions of workers in night sanatoria, dietetic dining halls etc. resolved issues. The commissions conducted also big a dignity. - a gleam. work: issued wall newspapers, leaflets and instructions. In February, 1939 Narkomzdrav of the USSR in coordination with the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions approved the provision on councils of assistance at to lay down. - professional, institutions which began to perform a considerable part of functions KOTIB. During the post-war period their functions are performed corresponding to lay down. - professional, and a dignity. - epid, institutions, and also the constant commissions of health care of Councils of People's Deputies.

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