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COLPOPEXY (grech, kolpos a female bosom, a vagina + pexis fixing, fixing) — gynecologic operation of fixing of a vagina. Bai-fordom is for the first time made (W. N of Byford) in 1889, it is improved by V. F. Snegirev who suggested to fix a vagina to an inguinal sheaf or to a sacral and awned sheaf ekstraperitonealno. Owing to danger of injury of a bladder, ureters, a rectum, etc. the ekstraperitonealny way did not find application.

Operation is more often applied directly after operation of removal of a uterus, and also in cases of omission of a stump of a vagina after removal of a uterus in the past, is rare in the presence of a uterus. Intraperitoneal access with fixing of a vagina to a front abdominal wall is used.

I. L. Braude recommends to supplement To. plastic surgeries on walls of a vagina (see. Colporrhaphy ) and pelvic day (see. Colpoperineoplasty ).

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C.H. Davydov.