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COLPEURYSIS (colpeurysis; grech, a female bosom, a vagina + to expand kolpos with euryno) — the obstetric operation warning premature izlity amniotic waters and loss of small parts of a fruit, exciting and strengthening reductions of a uterus by introduction to a vagina of a kolpeyrinter. It is for the first time made by Brown (Page R. Braun) in 1851.

Indications: pelvic presentations, presentation of small parts of a fruit and umbilical cord, the cross and slanting provision of a fruit in the presence of contraindications for operation of Cesarean section. To. it is contraindicated at an inflammation and cicatricial colpostenoses, threat of a hysterorrhesis, placental presentation, a prolapse of the umbilical cord, heavy late toxicoses of pregnancy.

The mechanical irritation of receptors of a vagina and neck of uterus a kolpeyrinter causes cervical gipotalamo - a pituitary reflex that is followed by emission in blood of hormones of a hypophysis and strengthening of patrimonial activity.

Kolpeyrintera make of the rubberized silk fabric, they are pear-shaped or spherical shape. Capacity of a kolpeyrinter is up to 500 ml. After disinfection of external genitals the sterilized kolpeyrinter in the curtailed look is entered into a vagina and filled sterile fiziol, solution. The cylinder is left in a vagina before rendering the expected effect (strengthening of patrimonial activity, opening of a uterine pharynx), but not over 6 — 8 hours in order to avoid hit of an infection. If necessary it is possible to apply repeatedly a kolpeyrinter after sterilization it. Use of a cervical dilator is possible (see. Metreyriz ) with the same purpose. To. it is applied seldom.

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I. M. Starovoytov.