COLOUR Mikhail Semenovich

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COLOUR Mikhail Semenovich (1872 — 1919) is the domestic botanist and the biochemist.

Got an education in Geneva. In 1896 in Geneva un-those defended the dissertation on degree of the doctor of natural sciences. In 1897 moved to St. Petersburg and worked in the St. Petersburg biological laboratory founded by P. F. Les-gaftom. Since 1902 the assistant, associate professor Varshavsky un-that, since 1908 the teacher of botany of Varshavsky polytechnical

in-that. In 1910 defended the dissertation of «Hromofilla in a plant and animal life» on degree of doctor botany. Since 1917 Yuryevsky's professor (nowadays Tartu) un-that, and since 1918 professor Voronezh un-that.

The main scientific works of M. S. Tsveta are devoted to studying of pigments of plants and development of methods of their research. The chromatography opened for them in 1903 has extremely important value (see) — the physical and chemical method of division of liquid or gas mixtures which is widely used in biochemical, clinicodiagnostic, pharmaceutical, sanitary and hygienic and other researches.

Works: Physical and chemical structure of hloro-filny grain, Kazan, 1901; Hromofil7 ly in a plant and animal life, Warsaw, 1910; The Stratographic adsorptive analysis, the Chosen works, M. — L., 1946.

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