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COLOSTOMY (Latin colon a colon + grech, stoma of companies, an opening, pass) — operation of formation of the outside specially imposed fistula of a large intestine — a kolostoma. Depending on department of a large intestine on which fistula is imposed it is necessary to distinguish tsekosty, astsendosty, transverzosty, destsendosty and sigmosty. Kolostoma can be trailer (single-barreled), pristenochny and double-barreled, temporary and constant. In domestic literature of a kolostoma it is accepted to call intestinal fistulas or (during the imposing of fistula on the left departments of a large intestine) an artificial anus.

Indications: the expressed disturbances of passability of a large intestine of organic character, not removable by a single-step resection with imposing of an anastomosis; creation of a decompression of a gut under unfavorable conditions for healing of the imposed anastomosis; neudalimy tumor and injury of a rectum.

It is preferable to perform operation under anesthetic. Access — median laparotomy (see). To. carry out after audit of an abdominal cavity. A gut remove through a special wound in side departments of a stomach, otstupya 3 — 4 cm from edge of an ileal bone with tselyo simplification of care of kolostomy. During the imposing pristenochny and double-barreled kolosty edges of a section of a peritoneum hem to edges of a skin wound, and then the same seams fix a wall of the removed gut on a circle. At a double-barreled kolostoma (transverzo-and a sigmostoma) the gut will be mobilized so that she was freely brought higher than the level of skin, and under it bring «spur». At such operations the gleam of a gut is usually opened not at once, and in 1 — 2 days.

Trailer (single-barreled) kolostoma impose in two essentially different ways. At a kolostoma in the form of a column remove the end of a gut considerably acting over the level of skin. Formation of a kolostoma proceeds slowly, with the expressed processes of a granulation, scarring and gradual epithelization. Such kolostoma is narrowed and deformed that can lead to the phenomena of intestinal impassability.

At a «flat» kolostoma (at the level of skin) walls of the removed gut are sewed directly with edge of a skin wound. Such kolostoma in the subsequent is not narrowed and well functions. This technique provides a separate podshivaniye of a peritoneum on a circle of a gut in an abdominal cavity without sewing together of a peritoneum with skin. Many surgeons at the same time with success carry out a gut to a skin wound via the channel under an otsloyenny peritoneum (retroperitoneal carrying out a gut). This way warns such complications To., as perikolostomichesky abscesses, immersion of a kolostoma in an abdominal cavity, a necrosis of the removed gut, etc.

Outcome operations depends on character and a current of a basic disease, apropos to-rogo the kolostoma is imposed.

See also Anus praeternaturalis , Intestines, operations .

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