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COLLOID SILVER (Collargolum; synonym: silver colloid, Argentum colloidale; joint venture. B) — antiseptic agent; contains 70% of silver. Greenish or bluish-black small plates with metallic luster; let's dissolve in water with formation of colloid solution.

Apply for washing of purulent wounds (0,2 — 1% solution); for washing of a bladder at hron, cystitis, at uretrita (1 — 2% solution); at purulent conjunctivitis and blennory in the form of eye drops (2 — 5% solution). At an erysipelatous inflammation and a venereal ulcer appoint To. in the form of 15% of ointment for rubbing in by the adult on 3 g, children on 1 g 4 times a day.

Form of release: powder. Store in well corked banks of orange glass in the place protected from light.

V. V. Churyukanov.