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COLLOID PHARMACEUTICALS — the medicines representing the aqueous colloidal solutions or nonvolatile solids forming colloidal solutions with water. Colloid solutions have big superficial activity, at the same time can adsorb various substances; diffusion of substances through colloid films proceeds slowly. In this regard colloid solutions indifferent in pharmakol, the relation of substances (e.g., starch) apply to protection of mucous membranes against the irritating influence at an inflammation, and also appoint per os or per rectum together with the pharmaceuticals having the irritating properties. Besides, To. hp apply at a hyperoxemia of a gastric juice (e.g., Aluminium hydroxydatum, magnesium trisilicate, etc.). Some To. hp containing compounds of heavy metals (e.g., colloid silver), apply as antimicrobic means.

See also Antiacid means , Colloids , the Enveloping means .

V. V. Churyukanov.