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COLLODION (Collodium) — 4% solution of collodion cotton (partially nitrobathing cellulose, generally di - and trinitrates) in mix of alcohol (20 h) and ether (76 h).

The colourless or yellowish transparent or slightly opalescent liquid with a smell of ether which is easily disappearing and igniting.

After evaporation of alcohol and ether K. leaves a clear film. Addition to To. castor oil (3%) gives to a film elasticity.

To. apply for fixing of nebintovy bandages and covering (filling) of small cuts, scratches and grazes. Instead of To. it is possible to use kleol (see), BF-6 glue (see. Clay ), adhesive plaster (see) and kollosilikat — water colloid solution of sodium silicate.

To. (8 h) is a part of the corn liquid containing salipilovy to - that (1 h), 96% alcohol (1 h) and tetraethyl-diamino-triphenyl-carbohydride sulfate (0,01 h).

To. and the drugs supporting him store in well corked bottles in the cool dark place, strictly following fire safety regulations.

V. P. Kalashnikov.