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COLLAGENASE (Collagenasum) — fermental drug. An effective agent of drug is the enzyme a collagenase (KF having proteolytic activity with tightly specific orientation to splitting collagen (see) with release of free amino acid — oxyproline.

To. is protein with the amino-acid structure close to composition of collagen; contains apprx. 1% of oxyproline and 7,5% of proline. Receive To. by extraction by solutions of salts from a pancreas of lethal animals.

Drug represents white or pale yellow porous weight, easily water soluble or isotonic solution of sodium chloride, pH 6,5 — 6,7; solutions are transparent or slightly opalestsirut, during the heating are inactivated. It is possible to store solutions no more days at a temperature from 0 to 8 °.

Activity of drug is expressed in terms of action. Take quantity for 1 PIECE To., a cut under certain conditions allocates not less than 40% of the oxyproline which is contained in it from collagen; 1 g of drug corresponds to 500 PIECES.

Collagenolytic activity of drug causes its use as the means stimulating a rassasyvaniye of the fabrics containing collagen (in particular, cicatricial).

Try on To. for the purpose of acceleration of rejection of strup and nekrotizirovanny fabrics after burns and freezing injuries, for clarification of trophic ulcers and inertly granulating wounds from it is purulent - necrotic plaques.

Drug is used locally in the form of solutions which are prepared just before use by addition in bottles with dry drug of sterile isotonic solution of sodium chloride or solution of novocaine. The napkins moistened with solution of drug impose on the struck surface, over napkins put an oilcloth or waxen paper and a bandage. Bandagings do in 1 — 2 day. In the presence of big dense strup on them previously do notches.

Form of release: in hermetically the corked bottles on 65 or 1625 PIECES of drug. Store drug in the dry, protected from light place at a temperature not over 10 °.

See also Fermental drugs .

A. I. Briskin.