COLIN Aaron Abramovich

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COLIN Aaron Abramovich (1893 — 1978) — the Soviet ophthalmologist, the doctor of medical sciences (1935), professor (1935), zasl. scientist of RSFSR (1958). Member of the CPSU.

COLIN Aaron Abramovich

In 1918 ended medical f-t Kazan un-that. For 1921 was in ranks of Red Army, then un-that was an assistant at department of ophthalmology Astrakhan. Since 1922 worked as the ophthalmologist in policlinic Gatchina the Leningrad Region; since 1924 the assistant, and since 1928 the privatdozent of department of eye diseases Leningrad in-that medical knowledge (nowadays Leningrad sanitary and hygienic medical in-t). Since 1929 the department chair of eye diseases Tomsk medical in-that, and since 1931 — Novosibirsk in-that improvements of doctors. Along with 1937 the department chair of eye diseases Novosibirsk medical in-that. Since 1944 the director of scientific research institute of eye diseases of Helmholtz in Moscow, and since 1951 — the department chair of eye diseases Novosibirsk medical in-that. Since 1967 was professor-consultant of scientific research institute of eye diseases of Helmholtz.

A. A. Colin published more than 150 scientific works devoted to generally plastic surgeries and treatment of fighting injuries of an eye, and also trachoma and studying of a lipoidosis of an eye. New types of plastic surgeries are offered them: a rag on a leg from a fatty tissue at plastic surgeries on a face, a rag seedling, a free skin and mucous rag, simultaneous recovery a century and a conjunctival cavity, rational methods of recovery of passability of the lacrimal ways at their fusion and a stricture. Under its management 34 dissertations, including 4 doctor's are defended.

A. A. Colin was the honorary member Vserossiyskogo and Moscow about-in ophthalmologists. It is awarded the order the Labour Red Banner and medals.

Works: To a question of a technique of plastic surgeries in the field of a century and orbits, Saturday. in commemoration of the 40 anniversary nauch. deyateln. zasluzh. the scientist M. I. Averbakh, page 209, M. — L., 1935; Surgery of a ciliary body and its value in treatment of fighting wounds of an eye, Saturday. nauch. works evakogospitaly, JVa 1, page 119, M. / 1942; The Guide to plastic surgery in an eye, M., 1950; Malignant tumors of an eye, in book: Zlokachestvo. tumors, under the editorship of H. N. Petrova and S. A. Holdin, t. 2, page 235, L., 1952; The Multivolume guide to eye diseases, under the editorship of V. N. Arkhangelsky, t. 3, M., 1962, t. 4, M., 1959 (bus of a number of heads).

Bibliography: Professor Aaron Abramovich Colin (to the 70 anniversary since birth and to the 45 anniversary of medical, scientific and pedagogical and public work), Vestn, oftalm., No. 5, page 91, 1964.

V. I. Morozov.