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COLIC (colica; grech, kolike [nosos] an intestinal disease) — sudden attacks of sharp colicy pains in a stomach at various diseases of abdominal organs, kidneys, etc. Pains can be caused by long convulsive reductions, a sharp spasm of smooth muscles of intestines, bilious and pancreatic channels, urinary tract. Sometimes To. can arise at stretching of certain sites of intestines gases — gas To. (see. Meteorism ). In some cases To. arises reflex owing to irritation of a mucous membrane of abdominal organs, can be display of the general neurosis (functional To.).

Distinguish actually intestinal To., hepatic (see. Cholelithiasis ), pancreatic (see. Pancreatitis ), renal (see. Nephrolithiasis ). A version intestinal To. are appendicular To., connected with a muscular spasm of a worm-shaped shoot and a caecum, and also rectal To., arising at inflammatory diseases and new growths in a rectum. At poisonings lead (see) arises lead To.