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COLCHAMINUM (Colchaminum; synonym: omaine, Colcemid, Demecolcin; joint venture. A) — antineoplastic means; dezatsetilmetilkolkhitsin, C 21 H 25 O 5 N.

To. — the alkaloid emitted from bulbs of an autumn crocus magnificent (Colchicum speciosum Stev.) and autumn crocus autumn (Colchicum autumnale L.). The mechanism of action To. it is based on its antimitotic activity. To. causes a stop of cellular division into stages of metaphase that leads to braking of development of a tumor and death of tumor cells.

To. it is well soaked up at intake, however use To. in tablets at myeloid leukemia and other tumors did not give the expressed effect.

It is applied at a carcinoma cutaneum in the form of 0,5% of ointment (omainovy ointment). At I and II stages of a carcinoma cutaneum daily applications of ointment in number of 1 — 1,5 g within 1 month lead to disintegration and rejection of a tumor with resistant a wedge, treatment. During treatment it is necessary to investigate blood and urine systematically. To. at penetration in high doses through skin can make a leukopenia, sick, vomiting, stomatitis, an alopecia. At the first signs of toxic action ointment is cancelled, appoint the drugs stimulating a leukopoiesis; in cases of need transfuse blood.

To. it is contraindicated at a carcinoma cutaneum of III and IV stages and the expressed signs of oppression of a marrowy hemopoiesis.

Form of release: tablets on 0,002 g (2 mg) and 0,5% omainovy ointment. Store in the cool, protected from light place.

Bibliography: Perevodchikova N. I. Clinical chemotherapy of tumoral diseases, M., 1976, bibliogr.

A. B. Syrkin.