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COAMIDUM (Coamidum) — the means stimulating an erythrogenesis. Dikhlordinikotinamidkobalt:


Powder of light-violet color, inodorous, bitter taste, easily water soluble, almost insoluble in benzene and acetone.

To. and other kobaltsoderzhashchy drugs promote digestion of iron in an organism, stimulate synthesis of amino acids, increase the content in fabrics of polysaccharides, DNA and RNA, increase activity of enzymes — succinatedehydrogenases, an alkaline phosphatase and cytochrome oxydase playing an active role in a metabolism in an organism. According to experiments, To. accelerates regeneration of bone and muscular tissue at the irradiated animals at their damage.

Drug apply at anemias of various origin and hl. obr. at hypochromia and posthemorrhagic anemias. Enter under skin in the form of 1% of water solution on 1 ml daily. Course of treatment on average 3 — 4 weeks. To. is more effective in combination with iron preparations.

At treatment To. by-effects in the form of nausea and dizziness arise seldom; at reduction of a dose or temporary drug withdrawal they disappear.

Form of release: 1% solution in ampoules on 1 ml.

Bibliography: Nan E. L. and Yaroshevsky A. Ya. A new kobaltsoderzhashchy stimulator of an erythrogenesis — Coamidum, Saturday. works of department propedevt. ter. 1st Leningr, medical in-that, page 59, 1957.

I. K. Kamilov.