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CLUB MOSS-LAMB'S SUCCORY [Huperzia selago (L.) Bernh.; synonym Lycopodium selago L.] — evergreen perennial sporous herbaceous plant this. a club-moss family (Lycopodiaceae) up to 25 cm high with several (the lodging dichotomizing branching stalks.

Stalks are densely covered with the lineynolantsetovidny, pointed, tselnokrayny, leathery, brilliant leaves up to 10 mm long directed slantwise up and located on escape in 8 longitudinal rows. Does not form sporiferous cones unlike Lycopodium clavatum from which organize disputes (see. Vegetable sulfur ). The Pochkovidny sporangium is located on one in bosoms of leaves in upper or in a middle part of a stalk. Disputes are very small. In bosoms of leaves proliferous kidneys are often formed. Sowing grows in mossy softwood forests. forest zone. The plant is poisonous.

The grass contains from 0,4 to 1,1% of alkaloids of hinolizidinovy group — hl. obr. annotinin (C 16 H 21 O 3 N), likopodin (C 16 H 25 ON), psevdoselyagin (C 16 H 25 O 2 N), etc.

As medicinal raw materials use a grass (an upper and middle part of a stalk), to-ruyu collect in August — September. From the dried-up grass prepare broth (Decoctum Lycopodii Selaginosi) at the rate of 10 g on 200 ml of water which is appointed the alcoholic. Effect of drug is based on elaboration of negative conditional reaction to alcohol as broth causes strong and long (to 2 — 6 hours) nausea and repeated (to 5 — 8 times and more) vomiting. Reaction is followed by salivation, perspiration, fibrillation of muscles, change of pulse and other burdensome phenomena. Smoking of tobacco strengthens nausea. Freshly cooked broth P.-. (80 — 100 ml) give in 5 — 15 min. prior to alcohol intake (3 — 5 ml). Due to the toxicity of broth treatment is carried out only in stationary conditions.

Contraindications to purpose of broth P.-. same, as at use Teturamum (see): endocrine diseases, sharply expressed phenomena of atherosclerosis of coronary and brain vessels, vascular diseases at their decompensation, etc.

See also Medicinal plants .

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D. A. Muravyeva.