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CLASSIFICATION — process of a taxonomy of concepts (or objects) in any activity of the person or areas of knowledge for the purpose of establishment of bonds between these concepts (objects) and orientations in variety of concepts (objects). Can be examples biol, a systematics (see. Systematics , Taxonomic categories ), Classification of chemical elements (see. Periodic Table ), Classification of diseases (see. Nomenclature and classification of diseases ), Classification of sciences etc. A task To. also ensuring the most effective information search in all variety of forms of its manifestations is (e.g., search of the necessary reference, medicine on the basis of the accepted system of their indexing etc.). System K. represents set of rules of process of classification, i.e. set of a classification tree (system of the coordinated elements) and rules of reference of these elements to a certain class, a subclass or a branch of a tree. Depending on the chosen properties various systems K are possible. for the same set of objects. To system K. requirement of unambiguity, visualization and convenience in practical use is imposed. As criterion for reference of objects to one class the connectivity of a set measured as function from number of the signs matching on values is used. Methods automatic are developed To. In particular, Classification in automated control systems (see) it is used during the coding of objects (e.g., drugs, diseases and other large sets). One of methods of such coding consists in development of a classification tree and formation of code designation in the form of set of numbers of classes, subclasses, types, groups etc. (see. Coding of information ). If several objects get to one branch of a classification tree, the sequence numbers added to a code of a branch of a classification tree are assigned to them. Such method is called registration through classification or a classification method of coding.

The qualifier call the document, names of the coded objects and their code designations are signed up in Krom. The method of classification coding is convenient at the manual or mechanized information processing. At information processing in ACS division of functions K is more convenient. and codings. At the same time for the same set the uniform system of coding, usually serial or serial and serial, and several independent systems K is created. Depending on a solvable task set of designation on the identifier and on one of systems of classification is used. During creation of the arrays describing properties of the coded objects, perhaps automatic classification of objects (see. Information retrieval system ).

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