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CLARK Jacob (Clarke Jacob Augustus, 1817 — 1880) — the English anatomist.


Its main works are devoted to anatomy of c. N of page. Using the technique of consolidation of a brain developed by Shtilling (V. of Stilling), D. Clark on serial sections of a spinal cord under a microscope revealed distribution of white and gray matter; for the first time described accumulation of nervous cells medially and kzad from the central channel of a spinal cord at the level of chest segments (nucleus thoracicus); in articles and books published by it gave the description of a thin structure back and a brain, patol, changes of nervous cells at a number of diseases (muscular atrophies, epilepsy, diabetes, etc.). For nevrol. researches in 1864 to it the gold medal English medical is awarded about-va. Studying of a myelosyringosis (1867) is connected with a name D. of Clark. It improved a technique of fixing of cuts of a brain on glasses, having applied Canada balsam to this purpose.

Works: The wonders of anatomy and physiology, Westminster, 1848; On the anatomy of the spinal cord, L., 1858; Researches on the intimate structure of the brain, human and comparative, L., 1858; On a case of muscular atrophy, with disease of the spinal cord and medulla oblongata, Med. Chir. Trans., v. 50, p. 489, 1867.

Bibliography: J. Lockhart Clarke, Lancet, v. 1, p. 189, 1880.

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