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CLADOSPORIOSIS (cladosporiosis) — the rare visceral mycosis caused by a mold fungus of Cladosporium trichoides Emmons (1952). The activator — one of types of the sort Cladosporium, this. Dematiaceae — is the optional and pathogenic fungus which is selectively affecting a brain (see. Fungi parasitic ). Cases of damage of lungs and skin are described.

To. Binford (S. N. of Binford, 1952) et al. is for the first time revealed in the USA; separate cases in South America, Africa, France are described. Villagers at the age of 20 — 30 years are ill generally. The contagium gets in the respiratory way, it is possible through an ear in a brain where encapsulated is formed, single abscess is more often. In a pathogeny an important role is played by decrease in immune forces of an organism. At microscopic examination of smears in the grayish-brown mass of abscess the brownish segmented, jointed, branching threads, oval and round disputes, a part in the form of chains are visible without coloring. On Saburo's circle dark brown, later black velvety colonies of a fungus slowly grow.

To. proceeds with symptoms of abscess of a brain (the SI. Brain, abscess ) from several weeks to several months with a lethal outcome. To differentiate To. follows with a meningococcal and cryptococcal encephalomeningitis.

Effective treatment is only early radical excision of the center with the capsule, however, as early diagnosis is complicated, the forecast remains bad.

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