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CITRAL (Citralum) — an antiseptic agent. Contains in a gragonhead Moldavian, a citrus, Kolosova's lavender, a gold root and nek-ry other medicinal plants.

In the chemical relation represents the nonlimiting aliphatic aldehyde similar on a structure to a side chain of a molecule of Retinolum; C10H16O:

A yellowish oily liquid with a lemon smell, water-insoluble. Receive from eucalyptus, coriander and other essential oils. C. it can be also received in the synthetic way from an isoprene. At topical administration has antimicrobic, antiinflammatory and soothing effect.

Apply generally in the form of 0,01% of aqueous-alcoholic solution at a keratitis and conjunctivitis, and

also to treatment of nipple cracks at the women nursing.

There is an experience of use of C. at therapy of a mecotic urethritis and for treatment of stomatitises.

Form of release: 1% spirit

solution in bottles on 10 ml. Storage: in the cool, protected from light place.

See also Antiseptic agents. Of N Samoylov.