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CIRRHOSIS (cirrhosis; Greek kirrhos citreous - j--osis) — the growth of connecting fabric in parenchymatous body which is followed by reorganization of its structure, consolidation and deformation. The term is offered in 1819 by Laennek.

Cirrhosis is an outcome of a necrosis of various origin, productive inflammation, and also the investigation of an atrophy of a parenchyma of body. According to V. V. Serov and

A. V. Shekhter (1981), development of C. it is caused: massive and diffusion damage of a parenchyma, a cut leads to destruction of strukturnofunktsionalny elements and to disintegration parenchymatous stro-malnogo interactions; to long constants or the resumed action of external or internal causes that leads to dystrophic processes, a circulatory disturbance, chronic inflammation; breakdown of the general and local regulatory systems; the inborn or acquired defects of system of synthesis and a catabolism of collagen (see). Regulation of growth of connecting fabric is as a result broken (see), proliferation of cells and a call-genogenez are induced, the sclerosis progresses (see) and there is a restructuring of body.

To development of C. the disturbances of microcirculation (see) caused by formation of vascular shunts in connecting fabric promote owing to what the arterial blood (and in a liver and the blood from a portal vein containing so-called geia-totrofny factors) does not come in enough to a parenchyma. It leads to a hypoxia of a parenchyma and even to necrotic yzme-neniye.

Progressing of C. leads to sharp dysfunction of appropriate authority (dekompensiro-bathing C.) and to development according to a liver failure (see), a renal failure (see), respiratory insufficiency (see). Focal regeneration of the remained parenchyma of body in the conditions of cirrhosis can come to the end with formation of adenomas and development of a malignant tumor.

See also Nephrosclerosis, the Pneumosclerosis. Tuberculosis of a respiratory organs, Cirrhosis.

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