CIRCASSIAN Alexander Ilyich

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The CIRCASSIAN Alexander Ilyich (1894 — 1974) is the Soviet pharmacologist and the toxicologist, the academician of AMH (1960), zasl. scientist of USSR (1946).

Ended Kharkiv un-t in 1917, worked at department of the general pathology un-that under the leadership of

A. V. Reprev. From

1922 to 1930 the assistant, the associate professor, and from 1930 to 1944 the department chair of pharmacology Kharkiv medical in-that and at the same time the manager. department of toxicology of Ukrainian (nowadays Kharkiv) in-that occupational health and occupational diseases

(1925 — 1936). In 1934 — 1946 the deputy director on science of the Kiev scientific research institute of pharmacology and toxicology of M3 of USSR. Since 1944 headed department of pharmacology Kiev medical in-that and along with 1947 there was a manager. department of the Kiev scientific research institute of pharmacology and toxicology of M3 of USSR. Doctor of medical sciences (1936), professor (1940).

By A. I. Cherkes it is published St. 150 scientific works, including a number of the manuals and monographs devoted to hl. obr. biochemical pharmacology of cardiovascular means and biochemical toxicology. The theory of trophic action of cordial glycosides based on studying of their influence on metabolism in a myocardium is offered them is normal also at experimental pathology. Great attention

of A. I. Cherkes gave to a research of questions of pharmacological regulation of a vascular tone using ganglioblokator, sympatholytics, alpha and beta adrenoblo-katorov, inhibitors of monoamine oxidase, gipokholesterinemichesky means.

A. I. Cherkes for many years directed and participated in researches in the field of experimental therapy at poisonings with salts of heavy metals (lead, arsenic, cadmium, etc.), carbon monoxide, benzene, its nitro - and amidoderivatives. On the basis of the analysis of a toksikodinami-ka of hypoxemic poisons it created classification of toxic hypoxias (1935). A. I. Cherkes with employees offered new cardiovascular means (benzogek-soniya, Pyrilenum, tsetamifen), very effective antidote Unithiolum.

A. I. Cherkes was the deputy chairman Vsesoyuzny and the chairman of Ukrainian scientific about-in pharmacologists, the editor «Pharmacology» of the 2nd prod. redotdet. BME, associate editor of the Pharmacology and Toxicology magazine.

It is awarded by two awards of the Labour Red Banner, the award «Sign of Honour» and medals.

Works: About reactions of an organism to drugs and poisons, Kharkiv, 1938; Pilot studies on pharmacology of heart, Kharkiv, 1941 (a bus of a number of hl. and edition); Fundamentals of toxicology of chemical warfare agents, M., 1943; Pharmacotherapy, Kiev, 1955; Handbook on pharmacotherapy,

1st prod., Kiev, 1961, 3 prod., 1972 (sovm. from Melnikova V. F.); Cordial glycosides, the Management on pharmakol., under the editorship of N. V. Lazarev, t. 1, page 502, L., 1961

(sovm. with other); Guide to toxicology of toxic agents, Kiev, 1964 (bus of a number of hl. and edition).

Bibliography: Alexander Ilyich the Circassian (To the 80 anniversary since birth), in book: Pharmakol. and toksikol., under the editorship of F. P. Tri - Noosa, etc., century 9, page 3, Kiev, 1974.

F. P. Trinus.