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TsINNARIZYN (Cinnarizin; synonym: Stugeronum, Cinnarizine, Dimitronal, Labyrin, Midronal, Stugeron, etc.) — a vasodilator. A trance -

1 - cinnamyl - 4-difenilmetilpipera-znn; C20H29N2.

Has vasodilating

properties, improves a brain, coronary and peripheral blood stream, significantly without influencing at the same time on system the ABP. In comparison with other vasodilators in belypy degree raises cerebral circulation (see). Reduces excitability of a vestibular mechanism, has antihistaminic properties.

C. has direct spasmolytic effect on unstriated muscles of a vascular wall and interferes with effect on them of angiotensin, catecholamines and nek-ry other biogenic vasoconstrictive substances. Strengthens vasodilating effect of carbonic acid on vessels of a brain. Eliminates signs of ischemic disturbances of cerebral circulation, napr, dizziness, headaches, a sonitus, etc.

Apply at ischemic disturbances of cerebral circulation of various genesis, napr, the craniocereberal injuries arising later, and also against the background of an idiopathic hypertensia, cerebral atherosclerosis, cervical osteochondrosis. Besides, drug is effective at the vascular disorders characteristic of a climacteric, migraine and diseases of peripheral vessels, napr, at a Raynaud's disease, an obliterating endarteritis, diabetic angiopatiya. Due to the existence of antihistaminic properties C. renders also to lay down. effect at allergic reactions.

Appoint inside the adult 0,025 g 2 — 3 times a day in an initiation of treatment. At good tolerance the single dose is increased to 0,05 g. Duration of a course of treatment is established individually (from several weeks to several months). At the expressed arterial hypotension of C. appoint 0,025 g 2 times a day.

Side effects (drowsiness, disggeptichesky frustration, increase in intracranial pressure) C. causes usually only in high doses.

Form of release: tablets but

0,025 g. Storage: in usual conditions.

See also Vasodilators. century K. Muratov.