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HILURYYa (chyluria; juice + uron wetting Greek chylos; synonym: a galacturia, a laktatsiduriya, a lymphuria, lacteal urine) — the allocation of a lymph with urine which is a sign of a pathological anastomosis between lymphatic and uric ways. It is observed at expansion limf, vessels of a kidney and uric ways owing to obstruction of overlying departments limf, ways, napr, a chest channel, at an injury, tumoral processes, an aortic aneurysm, parasitic diseases; at the same time there is a gap limf, vessels and education is long the functioning limfourinarny fistulas. The chyluria often meets at the filariases which are characterized by defeat limf, systems (limfangiit, thrombosis limf, vessels, a lymphostasis).

Wedge, manifestations connected with existence of a chyluria, the principles of diagnosis and treatment — see the Bladder, parasitic diseases; Kidneys, damage of kidneys at filariases.

The forecast of a chyluria depends on character and a current of a basic disease.

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