CHUDNOVSKY Yury Trofimovich

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CHUDNOVSKY Yury Trofimovich (1843 — 1896) — domestic those


In 1865 graduated from the St. Petersburg medicochirurgical academy. Worked as the junior intern at the 2nd Waugh-enno - overland hospital (1866 — 1869), and then the assistant to clinic

of S. P. Botkin (1870 — 1872). Since

1872 the privatdozent, and since 1876 the graduated in a military academy - professor. Since 1878 directed department of diagnosis and general therapy of academy. In 1877 during the Russian-Turkish war was in field army as the consultant of institutions of the Red Cross.

Yu. T. Chudnovsky is the author of 28 scientific works on various questions of clinical medicine. In 1869 opened and described a new diagnostic character of a perforation of a gut (noise in an abdominal cavity, synchronous with the respiratory movements). In 1879 Yu. T. Chudnovsky published the article «Precautionary Measures from Plague» in the Russian, German and Polish languages, in a cut generalized experience during epidemic of plague in the south of the Volga region. The big contribution was made by Yu. T. Chudnovsky in studying of a trichinosis; he tried to obtain introduction in Russia of microscopic examination and a branding of meat.

Yu. T. Chudnovsky improved pedagogical process: entered a coaching in clinic, writing of case histories, daily watches of students. He considered the main objective of training development at the doctor of clinical thinking. Yu. T. Chudnovsky created the clinical laboratory which is well equipped on that time where under its management the large number of scientific works was performed. F. I. Pa-sternatsky was Yu. T. Chudnovsky's pupil.

Works: Materials for clinical studying of action of bloodletting, a yew., SPb., 1869; Precautionary measures from plague, SPb., 1879, 1897; Ways of a research of the general and internal diseases, SPb., 1883, 1887; Bases of fight against a pulmonary tuberculosis, SPb., 1891; Lectures on the general therapy, t. 1 — 2, SPb., 1894 — 1896; What is homeopathy and whether there is it? Doctor, No. 1, page 1, 1895. *

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P. Ya. Grigoriev.