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CHORISTOMA (Greek choristos separable, isolated + - hundred) — the term used for designation of opukholepodobny knotty education which source of development is the group of cells which is chipped off in the embryonal period and located in the unusual place or the site of fabric.

The term offered Albrecht in 1904 (E. Albrecht).

Choristomas can meet in all areas of a body and body tissues. Unlike a gamartoma (see), the fabric forming a choristoma normal in these sites does not meet, napr, tissue of an adrenal gland in a wall of a bladder, fatty tissue in a thyroid gland. Choristomas can sometimes be a source of development of true tumors, to-rye Albrecht suggested to call choristoblastomas.

The term was used also for designation of a granulocellular tumor of a neurohypophysis, the histogenesis a cut was connected with anomaly of development. In a crust, time there are proofs of an origin of this tumor from schwannian cells (see. Nervous cell, Nerve fibrils) or pituicytes (see the Hypophysis).

See also Dizontogenetichesky tumors.

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