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HONSURYD (Chonsuridum) — a biogenic stimulator of reparative processes; the drug received from cartilages of a trachea of the lethal cattle.

Weight, white with a yellowish shade, well water soluble. Active ingredient of Chonsuridum is high-molecular acid mucopolysaccharide — chondroitinsulphuric to - that (see. Chondroitinsulphuric acids), edges participates in formation of the main substance of connecting fabric. On the pharma-stake. Chonsuridum is close to properties to a luronit (see).

Drug is used locally for acceleration of processes of a reparation at it is long not healing wounds, especially at badly epithelized, slowly granulating and inertly current wounds (see Wounds, wounds; treatment), and also at trophic ulcers (see) and decubituses (see).

Before the use Chonsuridum dissolve in 5 — 10 ml 0,5% of solution of novocaine or in isotonic solution of sodium of chloride. Contents are carefully mixed before receiving viscous and transparent solution, to-ry applied on a gauze napkin and imposed on a wound. The course of treatment usually proceeds 10 — 30 days.

Chonsuridum is contraindicated at acute inflammatory and necrotic processes in the field of a wound.

Form of release: hermetically the corked bottles containing 0,05 g of sterile powder. Storage: in the place protected from light, at the room temperature.

See also Biogenic stimulators. Of N Samoylov.