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CHONDROCALCINOSIS (chondrocal-cinosis; Greek chondros a cartilage + calcification) — adjournment of salts of calcium in cartilaginous tissue.

Can be exposed to calcification as a hyaline cartilage (nanr., covering the joint surfaces of bones), and fibrous (e.g., joint meniscuses, intervertebral disks). The chondrocalcinosis, as well as calcification (see) in general, most often develops owing to dystrophy of cartilaginous tissue (see) and therefore it is noted preferential at elderly people. Various and so far poorly studied disturbances of metabolism of calcium (see) which both are genetically caused and acquired are other reason of a chondrocalcinosis. The chondrocalcinosis most often clinically is not shown, especially at localization in cartilages of a throat or bronchial tubes, but in some cases at formation of crystals of salts of calcium in fabrics or the inflammation of a synovial membrane which is shown damage of joints can develop in cavities of a joint (see the Pseudogout).

A. A. Matulis.