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CHOLOSASUM (Cholosasum) — cholagogue means; syrup from - the condensed water extract of hips and sugar.

Dense liquid of dark brown color, sweet-sour taste with a smell of hips. Contains extractives, organic to - you and sugar.

Increases total quantity of the cosecreted bile and contents in it bilious to - t, the coefficient raises Hola-tokholesterinovy (a ratio between contents bilious to - t and cholesterol). Cholagogue action of Cholosasum is caused by the vitamins and other organic matters, but not sugars which are contained in it. Has also holespazmolitichesky effect, a cut it is connected with pryakhmy influence on unstriated muscles of bilious channels.

Apply at hron. cholecystitises and hepatitises. Appoint inside the adult on 1 chayn. l. (in a glass of warm water), to children — on V4 — V2 chayn. l. 2 — 3 times a day. Does not cause side effects and complications.

Form of release: bottles on

250 ml. Storage: in the dry, cool place.

See also Cholagogue means.

A.S. Saratikov.