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CHOLESTEROSIS (cholesterosis; cholesterol] + - osis) — the pathological process which is observed at disturbances of cholesteric exchange. It is most often shown by lipidic infiltration of a wall of a gall bladder. Manifestations of a so-called ekstravezikalny cholesterosis — adjournment of lipids in skin, walls of extrahepatic bilious channels are less often noted, went. - kish. path.

In an etiology of a cholesterosis of a gall bladder the general and local factors matter. Disturbances of a lipometabolism belong to the general factors (see). Among local factors note stagnation of bile, disturbance of colloid balance of its ingredients, and also stagnation of a lymph in a wall of a gall bladder (see). At stagnation of bile contents in it bile acids decreases (see) that causes disturbance of colloid balance of cholesterol (see). The last drops out of solution and together with other compound elvkhment of bile rezorbirutsya actively by a mucous membrane of a gall bladder. Developments of stagnation in limf, vessels of a gall bladder break circulation of lipids (see) in system a liver — a gall bladder — a liver. Developments of stagnation in limf, vessels are, as a rule, caused by pathology, against the background of a cut the cholesterosis (e.g., cardiovascular diseases), and often related hron proceeds. circulatory unefficiency and general stagnation of a lymph. Disturbances of a lymphokinesis arise also at malignant tumors with lymphogenous metastasises in limf, collectors of an abdominal cavity that promotes development of a cholesterosis.

Stromal cells of a gall bladder as a result of accumulation of lipids in cytoplasm turn into foamy cells (see the Xanthoma). In process of progressing of process such foamy cells infiltrirut submucosal and muscular layers of a wall of a gall bladder. At gistokhy. a research it is noted that lipids are postponed in a wall of a gall bladder in a crystal and drop form and consist of cholesterol, holesterinester and fatty acids. At a biochemical blood analysis the hypercholesterolemia and falloff of level bilious to - the t which are stabilizers of colloid solution is noted.

In morfol. the relation distinguish mesh, polypostural and mesh poliioznuyu forms of a cholesterosis of a gall bladder. Two last forms can be complicated by formation of cholesteric stones of a gall bladder (see Concrements). Thus, the cholesterosis of a gall bladder can be a prestage of cholelithiasis (see).

Wedge. manifestations of a cholesterosis of a gall bladder in the presence in it stones usually do not differ from symptoms of calculous cholecystitis (see). In the absence of stones diagnosis is complicated.

Treatment at expressed a wedge, manifestations operational — is carried out a cholecystectomia (see).

Forecast, as a rule, favorable.

See also Gall bladder.

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