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HOLENZYM (Cholenzymum) — cholagogue means. Consists of bile dry (1 h) and the crushed powders of a pancreas and mucous membrane of small bowels of the lethal cattle which are dried up at a low temperature (according to 1 h). Contains steam rooms bilious to - you, enzymes of a pancreas and intestines.

X. has weak holeretiche-sky activity, but increases the maintenance of dressing gowns in bile preferential at the expense of taurocholic to - you. At diseases went. - kish. a path increases appetite, improves digestion, reduces pain in a stomach and a liver.

Apply as cholagogue cure for hepatitises, cholecystitises, and also for gastritises, an akhiliya and coloenterites. Appoint inside on 1 tablet 1 — 3 times a day after food.

Form of release: tablets, on

covered by a cover (Tabulettae «Cholenzymum» obductae). Storage: in the dry, protected from light place.

See also Cholagogue means.

A.S. Saratikov.