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HOLEMYYa (Greek chole bile + haima blood; a synonym zhelchekrovy) — accumulation in blood of components of bile, mainly bile acids.

In development of a cholemia plays an important role on the pearling of hepatoenteric circulation of bile acids (see) arising at obturation of bilious channels and defeat of a parenchyma of a liver. The cholemia is observed at x about l e to x about l it and to an aza, a sklerozir a yushchy

cholangitis (I eat.), a prelum of the general bilious channel increased by l imfatichesky a node mi, the lady of l litas, cancer of the general bilious channel and faterov of a nipple (see. Bilious channels, Faterov of pacifiers), and also at hepatitis (see), cirrhosis (see) etc. It is shown by the painful skin itch arising owing to irritation bilious to-tami the terminations of cutaneous nerves; a sleep disorder, a depression, tendency to bradikardpp and arterial hypotension, caused by toxic influence bilious to - t and bilirubin on the central and peripheral nervous system. A terrible sign of a cholemia is decrease in coagulability of blood and development of hemorrhagic diathesis (see) owing to disturbance of absorption in intestines of phthiocol.

Treatment is directed to recovery of outflow of bile, reduction of absorption from intestines of the substances participating in synthesis bilious to - t (purpose of a holestiramin), decrease in concentration bilious to - t and partially bilirubin in blood by hemosorption (see t. 10, additional materials), prevention of bleeding (administration of Vikasolum). In case of an operative measure concerning obturation of biliary tract in the preoperative period make drainage of bilious ways for fight against a cholemia.

See also Bile, the Cholestasia.

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