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CHLORTRIANISENUM (Chlortriani-sen uni; synonym: Chlorot rianisenum,

Chlortrianisoestrolum, With h I about about t r i s i n,

Clorestrolo, Metace, TACE, Triani-soestrol; sn. B) — synthetic hormonal antineoplastic means; 1,1,2-trianizil-2-chloraethylene:

Inodorous white crystal powder and taste, a little water soluble and alcohol, ether-soluble. Chlortrianisenum unlike other synthetic oestrogenic antineoplastic drugs — hexestrol (see) t of diethylstulbestrole (see) — has more long oestrogenic activity.

Chlortrianisenum is applied at a prostate cancer (see the Prostate), sensitive to oestrogenic drugs, and also to treatment of patients with cancer of a mammary gland (see. Mammary gland).

Drug is appointed inside daily on 0,012 g by 2 — 4 times a day for a long time. In the presence of metastasises of a prostate cancer Chlortrianisenum is used in combination with Prednisolonum (see). According to indications Chlortrianisenum can be combined with radiation therapy (see) and other antineoplastic means. Usually at use of drug the general condition of patients improves, symptoms of a disease are gradually stopped, the tumor or its metastasises decrease in sizes.

The highest doses for adults inside: one-time 0,012 g, daily 0,048 g.

Chlortrianisenum is usually well transferred by patients. However in comparison with other estrogen it causes more often a hyperplasia of a mucous membrane of a uterus and uterine bleedings therefore it is recommended to apply the patient in a deep menopause or transferred removal of a uterus. Increase of an urination and an incontience of urine can sometimes be observed.

Contraindications to purpose of Chlortrianisenum same, to at use of other irotivoopukholevy oestrogenic drugs: tendency to bleedings, organic diseases of a liver and cardiovascular system.

Form of release: the tablets containing 0,012 g (12 mg) of Chlortrianisenum. Store in the place protected from light.

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