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HLORTETRATsIKLYN (Chlortetra-cyclinum; synonym: biomycin, aureomycin, etc.) — the antibiotic entering into group of tetracyclines. Is issued in the form of the basis — a pier. the weight (weight) 478,9 and a hydrochloride — a pier. weight (weight) 515,4.

Chlortetracyclin — crystal substance, well water soluble. On an action spectrum and properties it is close to other tetracyclines, however in view of expressiveness and the frequency of by-effects as an antibiotic to appointment as the patient in the USSR it is not applied. In medical practice use one drug for topical administration — an oculentum on the basis of dibio-mitsina, to-ry N, N* - dibenzylethylenediamine salt of chlortetracyclin — a pier is. weight (weight) 1216,1. Dibiomycin possesses the action spectrum similar to chlortetracyclin, but provides high concentration in an injection site during 24 — 48 hours of Dibiomi-tsiiovaya the oculentum (1%) contains 10 mg of dibiomycin in 1 g of an ointment basis; it is applied at treatment of trachoma (see), and also the acute conjunctivitis caused by activators, sensitive to tetracycline (see Conjunctivitis). Ointment is entered for lower or under an upper eyelid of 1 times a day; at trachoma perhaps prolonged use — from 2 to 5 months. Ointment is produced in tubas on 5, 10, 25 and 50 g /

See also Tetracyclines.

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